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Ariel Steinberg

When Ariel is not gallivanting around the world, which she can often be found doing, she is planning and plotting her next escapade. Ariel has an insatiable curiosity and sense of adventure which has helped her accumulate a wealth of knowledge and numerous skills, all directly and indirectly related. She has worked in various different fields and industries including, but not limited to healthcare, aviation, fin-tech, and hospitality. As Ariel likes to joke, in her 15 year professional career, she has lived many different lives, making sure to bring all her lessons learned with her each step of the way. Throughout her journey, however, one thing has remained the the same - her desire to design for humans, bringing about positive, innovative, and inspiring change to every company, product, service, and team she's involved with. Her current mission in life is to use her skills, experience, knowledge, and innovative spirit to help improve healthcare, education, and housing for the underserved populations.