Lean. Fast. Responsive. Agile. Transparent. Efficient.

In all of the services we provide, our teams use Lean and Agile techniques to ensure efficient delivery. We have even developed our own Lean Work Management tool, RPM, pictured below, to facilitate these techniques by our teams and our customers.

User Centered Design

Successful products address real user needs. That’s why, at Bellese, we place a heavy emphasis on user-centered design. When interfaces are simple, intuitive, and tailored to the needs and expectations of users, it prevents errors, reduces frustrations, drives action, and streamlines communication.

How do we do it? To create an exceptional user experience, we leverage industry-leading user research methods to gain a deeper understanding of your user’s needs, motivators, and preferences. Then, we build custom solutions that address the user experience from start to finish.

Mobile First Design

Over 70% of U.S. internet usage is via mobile devices. That’s why all Bellese products are built with mobile in mind.

How do we do it? We create responsive designs that are optimized for mobile devices, but work seamlessly on any screen: from phone to laptop, from monitor to large format digital displays. Our interface designs utilize progressive enhancement, ensuring the most essential features for the smallest screens are accounted for first.


Software and systems that don’t integrate well can cause more problems than they solve. That’s why Bellese puts the back end first.

How do we do it? We architect solutions that are built on domain-driven APIs that naturally support the business need while enabling cost saving re-use across multiple platforms for multiple devices.


Great outcomes come from sound processes. That’s why Bellese makes use of the Scrum management framework to build solutions on a proven process foundation.

How do we do it? As one of our Agile methods, we leverage Scrum to facilitate frequent, predictable delivery of production-ready software. This proven agile project management method demonstrates success early and often for project stakeholders, while providing teams with concrete accomplishments that build momentum and reduce risk.


As they say in baseball, “you can’t hit what you can’t see.” That’s why Bellese builds tools that place a priority on visualization and delivery.

How do we do it? To facilitate lean delivery of continuous efforts, including help desk, maintenance and development activities, we leverage Kanban as a preferred agile method. Kanban provides the team with real-time process visualization focused on completion of work, and metrics about their throughput and provide stakeholders a process that can accommodate frequently new and changing needs.


No longer will software releases constrain your business plan, instead software releases will support your dynamic business needs. That’s why Bellese strives to making the release of software easy, so it can be done as frequently as your business demands.

How do we do it? We use continuous integration to automate the build, packaging and verification process of software solutions. On the cloud, we automate delivery through the provisioning of computing infrastructure, delivery of software solutions, the monitoring of system performance, and the actions required to mitigate fault conditions.

Lean & Agile Management

How quickly and effectively your enterprise can respond to developments has a huge impact on operational cost.

How do we do it? We provide hands-on coaches that work with you and your organization throughout the transformation. Our coaches bring proven expertise in both lean work management and engineering. We will help your team obtain knowledge and experience on methods such as Scrum, Kanban, DevOps and cloud-based engineering. We will guide you from initial pilots to institutionalization at scale.