Our Purpose

We work every day to make healthcare better. We hope you'll join us!

We are passionate about building a better healthcare system in America, and we want passionate people to join our team. Empathy and a deep understanding of human behavior are at the heart of our healthcare work. Every day we build digital services and experiences that make healthcare more transparent, more effective, and more accessible. Healthcare is personal for us.

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What it's like to work at Bellese

Straight from our team members

Bellese’s culture of learning has given me so much space to grow and learn new things.
Richard Szabo Bellese Profile Photo
Richard Szabo
Test Automation Engineer
I wake up every morning knowing that I can make measurable improvement on the quality and cost of healthcare in the United States.
Nick Steinwachs Bellese Profile Photo
Nick Steinwachs
Product Manager


The perks of working with us

Flexible Hours

Work-life balance is essential. As long as you coordinate with your team and meet your core hours, you have the flexibility to work around the things you need to take care of during the work day.

Time Off

We believe it is important to be able to refresh, travel, and recharge. Everyone gets three weeks of paid time off (PTO) and 10 paid holidays every year. All of your prorated PTO is available your first day of work.

Learning Stipend

We're a learning organization. That is why we want you to attend courses, conferences, and get certifications that matter to you. Everyone gets an annual education allowance of $3,000.

401K Plan

Invest in your future with a 401K plan and a safe harbor contribution from Bellese. This means that Bellese contributes 3% to your 401K whether you contribute or not.

Flexible Location

HQ is in Baltimore, but we have remote team members all over the US. Work from home full-time if you like, or come in whenever you want (post-pandemic of course). Once it is safe to do so, we'll get project teams together in person quarterly. We'll cover all travel expenses.

Health Coverage

We provide Health, dental, and vision coverage. We cover 90% of employee premiums and 60% of any family members on your plan. If you choose a high-deductible plan, we will contribute $600/yr for an individual plan, or $1,200/yr for a family plan to an HSA account for you.

Tech Toys

Every year around the holidays, we give everyone a budget for technology to help them with their projects, learn new things, or adopt a healthier lifestyle. In the past people have bought monitors, fitness trackers, and even programmable drones!

Referral Bonus

We strive to hire the best talent in the industry. If you know people who would be a good fit at Bellese, bring them with you! We offer a tiered referral bonus, meaning the bonus increases for each person you refer!

Hiring Process

We know applying for career opportunities can be time consuming, unpredictable, and nerve-racking. To help you through it we've outlined our hiring process so you know what to expect up-front. Steps may be combined depending on the position, but it will give you a good sense of what to expect.

  1. Pre-Interview

    ![Illustration of a phone interview with Bellese.](https://cdn.bellese.io/careers_hiring_process_pre_interview_4efe5b3249.svg) If your experience aligns with a position we are hiring for during our blind resume review process, you will be contacted to participate in a pre-interview. The goal of the pre-Interview is to identify your motivation for applying to Bellese. During this process, you are able to provide salary requirements, as well as your location and willingness to work remotely or relocate. This interview is typically conducted with our recruiting partner, [Right Resources](https://right-resources.com/). During this first meeting, we'll discuss: - Company overview and culture - High level overview of benefits - Project-specific overview (if applicable) - Position overview During this conversation you will also have the chance to ask questions of us. We'll also discuss next steps and what the hiring process will look like. It may look different depending on the position.

  2. Skills Challenge

    ![Illustration of a code challenge and portfolio presentation.](https://cdn.bellese.io/careers_hiring_process_skills_challenge_83091643e5.svg) For some positions, you may be required to participate in a skills challenge with a senior team member from your field. For engineering positions, the candidate is expected to answer technical questions and participate in a HackerRank CodePair activity. Designers and researchers will undergo a portfolio review and present a case study. In most cases, we will also conduct a real-time exercise during this interview to learn about your process firsthand. For other positions, a challenge will be designed that is catered specific to the position. Depending on the position this challenge may be scheduled as an additional interview or done asynchronously. The goal is to determine your level of expertise in your field.

  3. Team Interview

    ![Illustration of a video conference interview with 4 people, plus the candidate.](https://cdn.bellese.io/careers_hiring_process_team_interview_e619d9ae9f.svg) The team interview is usually your first formal interview. This interview is conducted by a small group of individuals on the team you are being considered for, as well as Bellese team members from across the company - usually 3-4 people in total. If you are interviewing for a brand new team, you will interview with the team leadership, project leadership, and/or executives at Bellese. There will typically be two parts of this interview. 1. **Cultural add discussion**: We want to hear about your background, your journey, and why you are interested in Bellese. It doesn't have to be all shop talk. Many people at Bellese have a wide range of interests and we want to hear what yours are too. Feel free to talk to us about what you enjoy in your work, but also what kinds of things you like to do outside of work. 2. **Skills & work style discussion**: We want to hear more about your expertise in the field, how you prefer to work, and things that you have learned from past experiences. We also want to hear about your goals, what interests you about the field, and what are you excited to learn in your next position. We'll give an overview of our mission, what it is like working at Bellese, and we'll be sure to leave time for you to ask us questions. If the interview team recommends you move forward in the hiring process, you will be contacted . The interview team may also recommend additional interviews if there are other team members they would like you to meet. It doesn't always happen this way. If additional interviews are scheduled, don't worry - it is **not** a bad thing.

  4. Decision & Offer

    ![Illustration of an offer letter on Bellese letterhead.](https://cdn.bellese.io/careers_hiring_process_decision_offer_ca3b7fe1a1.svg) A debrief is scheduled with the team to determine whether or not to extend an offer. We aim to get back to you with the team's decision within 3 business days. If the team decides to extend an offer you will be contacted by a recruiter with a verbal offer. If you accept (we hope you do) we will send you an offer letter via email. This offer letter will include your start date and salary information. You will need to sign and return this offer letter to begin processing with payroll and human resources. If you will be a full-time remote team member, we'll ship you your new work laptop, and a monitor. We'll start onboarding on your first day!

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